Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why should I connect my APWU Health Plan data with my HealthVault record? What are the benefits?
    Connecting your APWU Health Plan data with your HealthVault record provides you with a great benefit - ongoing, automatic updates to your HealthVault record reflecting changes in your personal health. These updates are sent by APWU Health Plan based on your claims information.
  2. Once my record is connected, do I need to manually copy data into my HealthVault record?
    No, once a connection has been established, health information from your APWU member data will be automatically sent to your HealthVault record on an ongoing basis. Once connected, you do not need to manually copy data into your record, it is done for you automatically
  3. What type of information will be copied into my HealthVault record?
    The following types of information will be copied to your HealthVault record:
    • Conditions
    • Allergies
    • Procedures
    • Immunizations
  4. How much historical data can be copied from APWU Health Plan when connecting with HealthVault?
    When you connect your APWU Health Plan member data with your HealthVault record, you have a choice to copy your historical data by choosing a date range. You get this choice immediately after you establish a connection with HealthVault. When copying historical data, you may go back up to 2 years in the past. After your HealthVault record is connected, all subsequent claims will be automatically copied over to your connected record.
  5. After my APWU Health Plan data has been connected, how frequently is data copied to my HealthVault record? Is there a delay in availability of data in my HealthVault record?
    Once the connection has been established, your medical information will be copied based on your claims approximately once a week. However, please be advised that there may be a delay between the time when you seek medical care from a provider (e.g. visit to your doctor) and the time when APWU Health Plan receives a claim for the care received.
  6. How do I disconnect my APWU Health Plan data from my HealthVault record?
    If you’re already connected but would like to disconnect your HealthVault record from APWU Health Plan, please go to the Connection Status page. Alternatively, you may disconnect from the HealthVault web site, at
  7. If I disconnected my APWU Health Plan account from HealthVault, can I re-connect?
    Yes. If you had previously connected your APWU Health Plan account with HealthVault and subsequently disconnected your account, you may choose to re-connect your member data with HealthVault. Please go to the Connection Status page to reconnect your account.
  8. If I do not wish to establish an active, persistent connection with my HealthVault record, can I still copy some data from my Health Plan claims?
    Yes. If you do not wish to maintain an active, persistent connection, you may still copy data from your Health Plan claims within a date range on the Connection Status page.
  9. Where can I view your Privacy Policy?
    You may view our Privacy Policy by clicking on this link: APWU Health Plan Notice of Privacy Practices
  10. Which web browsers do you support?
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  11. Who may I contact if I have further questions that are not answered here?
    You may contact us at: